Friday, September 11, 2009

Two-at-a-Time Sock Progress

My "seven-needle" socks are coming along. I've started down the foot and have maybe another inch or less to go before starting the toe decreases. It's been kind of slow going, but this is fast becoming my new favorite way to do socks. As I said before, it might have been easier to use separate balls of yarn, but then you would have had to divide your original skein exactly in half. So in the long run, this way might be simpler after all.

Did you remember this is sport weight yarn? I'm kind of liking it, too. I have kind of narrow feet anyway, so thicker socks might help some shoes to fit a little better. And besides, winters can get pretty cold here sometimes. A few more evenings of knitting, and the "seven-needle" socks should be ready for color!

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