Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Novel in Me?

Well, I don't know about that, but I am working on a book. Before you get too impressed, I'm not really writing a book. I'm just sort of putting one together.

Last week we had a different operating system installed on our computer. So I had to reinstall the software programs that had been on there previously. One of them was BookSmart from Blurb. It's a really cool software program you can download for free and use to make all kinds of books. You can then have them published into book form (soft or hard cover) with several different sizes to choose from. I decided to put together a bunch of my favorite recipes into a cookbook. The software has templates for different styles of cookbooks, too. You can also add your own pictures to the front and back covers, and on any pages you choose. I counted about 90 recipes on my list, so it may take awhile to get them typed in. I may not have a novel in me, but this project has certainly made me hungry. :)

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hi thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - its great to find another lovely blog to add to my reading list :)


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