Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook

I had ordered the book, "Spinning for Softness and Speed" by Paula Simmons quite some time ago from Amazon, and finally found out that they can't get it from their supplier anymore. (It turns out that you have to order it directly from Paula Simmons herself.) Anyway, instead of getting a refund, I ordered the "Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook" by Lynne Vogel. There's lots of information about designing and knitting socks, but also TONS of material on color and different dye techniques that I was especially interested in. I've already been using the new ideas (new to me anyway) on my next batch of yarn. Part of it is done, and the rest is soaking, waiting to go in the dyepot. I'll try to post pictures next time. Thanks for reading!


Miss B said...


I came across your blog while working my way through the etsy sellers blog ring. What fun to see the whole process of yarn making. I just read a memoir called "Driving over Lemons" that detailed the adventures of a farmer and sheep shearer. Have you read it? Happy blogging/selling.


Prairie Daisy Handspun said...

I haven't read "Driving Over Lemons," but it sounds interesting!


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