Monday, April 16, 2007

Etsy Welcome

The spinning wheel is still taking it easy waiting on more roving. I've been reading the forums at Etsy trying to learn the ins and outs. Most of them say you need to promote your shop outside of Etsy, so I've been working on designing some business cards and flyers. I also posted in the forums for the first time over the weekend. They say you should introduce yourself, so that's what I did, and received a nice welcome from other Etsians. I need to use this time also as I said to catch up on housework. So far, I can't see that the house looks much different:) The day is young yet, though. Maybe I should make a chore list... Of course I could have a couple of the chores on the list done in the time it takes me to make the list! Better get busy...thanks for reading!


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