Tuesday, April 17, 2007


If you've ever worked with alpaca fiber, you'll know why I like using it. It is soooo soft, and the natural colors of it are beautiful. The yarn in the picture is some I spun from some roving I bought at a sheep show last summer. It's a pretty fine weight yarn. I made a mitten with it earlier, but the needles were a little big, which left the fabric too open for a mitten I thought. So, rrrrrrrip. I'm a fairly new sock knitter--I made a pair from Corriedale yarn this winter and wore a hole in the bottom before very long. Of course when you wear them every evening instead of slippers, (they feel so good on your feet, don't you know) they get a lot of wear and tear. Anyway, I decided the other day that maybe my alpaca yarn would make a great pair of socks. So here's my effort on them so far. The roving was really neat...it was white and dark brown together, and gives a tweedy effect after spinning.

I'm thinking about ordering some more alpaca roving to spin up for the shop. Maybe I'd better look into that... Better go, thanks for reading!


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