Saturday, March 31, 2007


I finally have some lamb pictures to post. All but one of our ewes have lambed for this season. There are some Rambouillet and Rambouillet/Suffolk cross lambs. I'm interested to see what kind of wool the cross lambs will have. This is our first experience with a Rambouillet ram and ewes. Because of their size, we were concerned that the lambs might be really big, but they weren't. Here are a couple of pictures:

If you read the listing for my "Plum Crazy" yarn in the shop, you'll know what a time I had with it. The lastest batch didn't turn out so wild. I took about four ounces of Merino wool out of the dyepot this morning that I did in "desert" colors--chestnut, olive green, oranges, and tans. I'm anxious to see what it will look like after it has been spun. It may be a little while before my next batch...I'm out of wool! Yikes! I had ordered some, and found out that it had been backordered. They didn't say when it might get here. Oh, well, maybe I can catch up with some housework! Thanks for reading!


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