Friday, March 23, 2007

Navajo Plying

I tried something new for me anyway...Navajo plying. I had read a little about it and thought it looked interesting, so I tried it with some singles yarn I had left over from some "regular" plying. It wasn't too hard after you got the hang of it. I think I was plying a little too tight, though. You could kind of see where the chains were. Maybe that would improve with practice or maybe that's just the nature of it. I kind of liked the seemed stronger and pretty consistent. I knitted up a little swatch to see what it looked like and noticed how the colors were in a different pattern than normally plied handspun. It's neat in another way because when I do a two-ply (Navajo is three), I almost always have some singles left over from not having the same amount on each bobbin. Anyway, it was interesting to try. After some practice, I might do one up this way for the shop. Just have to wait and see. Thanks for reading!


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