Friday, February 5, 2010

Goat, Pig, or Cat?

Thought I'd show you this picture of Geronimo, the barn cat. He's begun taking his meals on a shelf in the barn.
The reason? Monkey the Pig, er, I mean Goat, has developed a taste for cat food. If Geronimo is eating anywhere she can reach, the next thing you know, she's stealing his food.Don't worry, this particular sack she's diving into is cracked corn. I try to keep her out of the cat food if possible. It surely can't be good for her, can it? If I don't close the lid on the barrel where the cat food is when I leave the barn for a minute, upon my return I find her trying to get into that sack, too. One night when the wheel barrow was parked beside the feed barrel, she managed to climb high enough to reach Geronimo's "out-of-reach" shelf anyway.

Don't be surprised one of these days if I post a video of the world's first meowing goat. :)

1 comment:

Pearlesyarn said...

Mmm...naughty Monkey. I wonder if she will start mewing if she eats anymore cat food! lol:-)


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