Monday, February 8, 2010

Baking Mixes

In my efforts to make more of our food from scratch, but still with an element of convenience, the other day I mixed up a few different baking mixes.
It's mostly just a matter of measuring and mixing the dry ingredients together, which is quite a bit of the effort in baking things like cornbread, cake, etc. By mixing up several batches at the same time, you can get all the ingredients out once and dirty up bowls, measuring cups and spoons once for several times of baking.

One of the recipes I mixed up here is a cookie recipe that calls for the sugar to be creamed first with oil. Since the sugar isn't mixed in with the flour at the same time, I just whisked the flour and other dry ingredients together and put them in the bottom of the jar. Then I measured out the sugar, set a storage bag in the top of the jar, and poured the sugar into it, keeping the sugar separate from the other dry ingredients.

I wrote instructions as to how to mix up and bake each one on a card and also labeled each jar with the kind of mix it was.
Here's a honey-wheat muffin mix, pie crust mix, the cookie mix behind it, and two corn bread mixes.The smaller jars are pint jars, and the larger ones are quarts. The cookie recipe just barely fit into a quart jar. I saw some half-gallon jars at the hardware store a few days ago in the canning aisle. Those would probably work better for larger mixes. Canning jars are nice because a lot of the lids are interchangeable, and you can even get plastic screw-on lids if you don't like using the flats and bands.

We've eaten up the cookie mix already, and I'm kind of getting a hankering for some corn bread again. My mouth is watering already!

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