Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Canning Potatoes

Over the weekend I tried out something new for me--canning potatoes. I've done some canning over the years, but not on a huge scale, and never potatoes. The canners I had used in the past were really old, though in good condition and good working order until their gaskets wore out. Gaskets are kind of expensive, and the canners were pretty small, so recently I ordered a new 16-quart canner. It's tall enough to be able to do quarts as well as pints.

I peeled almost 10 pounds of potatoes. There were a couple in the sack that were quite a bit bigger than the rest, so I left them in the sack, thinking they would cook more evenly if they were all about the same size. They just filled four quart jars.

We haven't tried them yet, but hopefully they'll be tasty and quick to fix some time when we're hungry for potatoes and in a hurry. (According to the instructions, though, be sure to boil canned foods for at least 15 minutes after opening and before tasting.)

I'm thinking maybe beef stew next?

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