Monday, February 15, 2010

Blog Pages

Did you notice anything new? Look, up at the top! Pages. They may not be a new Blogger feature, (and maybe they are), but I just found out about them a day or so ago. So I've been trying to get things organized a little, and now, here they are! Each section has a picture and a link to posts about that category. "The Spinning Wheel" has posts about fiber arts--spinning, knitting, etc. "Barnyard Critters" are my posts about the animals and farm life. "The Old Cookstove" has posts about my attempts at baking and cooking. And "The Garden Path" is still pretty much a work in progress. There are only a few posts there, but as spring gets a little closer, maybe I can fill it up a little more.

Of course, some posts appear in more than one category...sheep and fiber arts are kind of related, you know. And some posts aren't included because they don't fit into any of those categories. But anyway, maybe you can find something you hadn't noticed before.

A blog with pages...oooh, I feel so professional! :)

And now, simply because this post needed a picture, here's Angus with a weather report:

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Pearlesyarn said...

Hey, thanks for pointing out the pages thing, I'm gonna have a go too, and yes it does make things "professneil", cool:-)


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