Thursday, August 14, 2008

Umbrella Swift

We've been busy, busy in the hay as of late. The weather had been hot and dry so we've been getting quite a bit done, though there's still a fair amount of prairie hay yet to bale. It's been cloudy today, so what was mowed yesterday evening wasn't ready. Otherwise I'd probably have been in the hayfield right now.

The umbrella swift I ordered awhile back came several days ago. I've already been using it. I had been using an antique yarn skeiner or winder. When I list my hand painted sock yarn in the shop, I try to use a picture of the skein as it comes out of the dyepot, and others after reskeining. You can get a better idea of how the colors might look together after it's knitted up. The system I had been using consisted of putting the skein on an overturned laundry basket and then winding the yarn onto the antique skeiner. It worked pretty well, but if I wasn't careful, the yarn coming off the laundry basket would sometimes tangle and it would take what seemed like hours to get it undone. With the umbrella swift, the painted skein goes over it and is adjusted to fit; then I can wind it off onto the antique skeiner with no tangles hopefully. It's working really well so far. Then when a skein is sold, it can just be put back onto the swift for winding into a yarn cake.

Those tangles can almost make you want to pull your hair out. Maybe the swift will help keep the tresses in place. :)

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Marie said...

That is the very reason I bought my swift many years ago. It took me hours to untangle some rayon yarn one day. I even had to throw out a good hundred yards because it was beyond hope.
I purchased my swift well before I got a yarn winder. To me, the swift is more important.
So glad you got yourself one!


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