Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fiber, Fiber Everywhere...

Well, I did it again. My posts have been few and far between. It seems like I've been really busy, but you can't tell it from looking around the house! To get you caught up, we did get the sheep sheared the end of May. It was a really hot day. I didn't get any pictures taken...we were trying to keep up with the shearer. As soon as he'd get one done, we'd grab up the fleece and put it in a sack. I've gotten one of them skirted, but there are several more to go. I'm thinking I may send in a little to be processed this time and see how it turns out even though they weren't coated. I talked to the lady at Zeilinger's mill and she thought if they did the Rambouillet into combed top instead of roving, that would get the VM out. It's more expensive that way, so like I said, I may just do a small amount and see how it comes out. Our neighbors have a few sheep, and they brought theirs over to have them sheared with ours. One of the ones they brought was what appeared to be a brown sheep. Then when he started to shear him, this beautiful coal black fleece fell back from the shears. The neighbors weren't interested in the wool and were just going to throw it away, so I latched onto it. I'll probably send in some of it to Zeilinger's, too. The shearer and my husband together got the coats on three of the Rambouillets. It didn't seem too hard, but then I wasn't the one doing it. One of them had hers off by the next morning, but the other two have kept theirs on so far. They don't act like they're uncomfortable or any hotter than the ones without coats.

The shop has been kind of neglected as of late. I got my sock yarn club shipments mailed yesterday, which took a little while to get ready.

I started a major closet clean out and reorganization last weekend. The contents of the closet were scattered practically over the whole house. How can a person get so many things in such a small space? I put in some plastic shelves to hold some of my fiber stash...yarn and fiber to be spun. Hopefully this will get the extra bedroom a little straighter.

I was also trying to make a storage space for this newest fiber tool.

It's a Strauch Petite drum carder. I'm just learning about drum carding, but am hoping to do some color blending and fiber blending--both for my handspun yarn and maybe to put some carded batts in the shop.

Before I get off for today, here's a picture you might enjoy. Here I am with one of the lambs. I think maybe she's doing her Whoopi Goldberg impersonation...

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Marie said...

Love the lamb pic!

Maple raves about her drum carder. I just know you are going to love yours.

Summer is a slow time anyway on Etsy. I haven't been updating my store either. Instead I am working on projects that will be posted later this year.


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