Friday, May 23, 2008

Long Time, No See

Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted! It seems like I've spent most of today working on a new banner for the shop. You wouldn't think it would take that long, would you? The daisies are blooming in the prairie hay field, so I've been trying to get lots of pictures, thinking I could use them for the banner, or maybe notecards. I took the spinning wheel up there this morning and took lots of pictures, then picked out one to use. Of course, you have to crop it to 760 by 100 pixels (mine wasn't exact, but really close) and I thought I'd never get it done. I was using a combination of Microsoft PictureIt and Picasa. Here's a link if you'd like to check it out.

We're still waiting for our sheep shearer. I think I'll try to give him a call tonight to make sure he hasn't forgotten us. It's been pretty warm here today, and the sheep were all panting while we were doing the chores. They'll be glad to get that thick wool off.

One day awhile back I noticed some hay up on a shelf in the barn. Thinking that was strange, I climbed up to where I could see it better and found a bird's nest with one little bitty egg in it! For several days after that, about each day another would appear in the nest until there were five eggs. Now look...

Five baby birds! I'm not sure what kind they are. The mother bird flew out a couple of times when I was trying to see the nest, nearly scaring me out of my wits. She appears to be a small brown bird. She might be a sparrow, but I thought she had more brown on her than a sparrow. Anyway, you can kind of see one of them in the picture stretching up for something to eat.

I'll try not to be so lazy about blogging. Hopefully we can get some sheep shearing pictures soon. :)


Marie said...

Your banner looks fantastic! Great job.
My Jake is uncomfortable in this heat. I can't imagine how your sheep must feel.

Prairie Daisy Handspun said...

Thank you! It has cooled off a little in the past couple of days, so maybe they can make it till the shearer gets here.

Alpaca Granny said...

I love your spinning wheel in the field banner!
Beautifully done.

Prairie Daisy Handspun said...

Thank you! :)


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