Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Whew! Busy, Busy...

Yes, I've neglected my blog again. It seems like things have been busy here. Lambing season is over for this year. There are 16 lambs. Also four baby goats from the nannies someone gave us. I wanted to show you a picture I took the other day.

I took it from a distance so maybe they wouldn't get up before I got the picture. When I cropped it, it made it a little blurry, but hopefully you can see this lamb with his soft "bed."

I've been dyeing up lots of sock yarn and spinning a little. I haven't posted a picture of the yarn I talked about the other day. Here's how it turned out before and after reskeining.

I'm thinking that using less vinegar is working a little better. The colors seem to be more even that they were with more vinegar.

The handspun I listed yesterday is some Blue Faced Leicester wool. It's called "A Penny for Your Thoughts." There's quite a bit of a copper color with some turquoise, spring green, gold, peach, and mauve.

I've got some sock yarn soaking, and it's almost time for dinner, so I'd better get busy! :)


Marie said...

Your penny yarn is just gorgeous!

And I love the lamb sleeping on top of the mama. so cute!

Prairie Daisy Handspun said...

Thanks! Yes, the lamb looks comfortable, doesn't he?


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