Monday, April 28, 2008

Lace Weight Yarn

In my previous post I talked about having ordered some lace weight base yarn. Here's the result of my first experiment with it:

It's called "Peach Tree Blossom." I took some pictures of our peach tree when it bloomed recently, thinking I might do a yarn in similar colors. You'd think the blossoms would be peach-colored, wouldn't you? But they're beautiful light and dark shades of pink.

These skeins are Merino wool and contain 880 yards. I've never knitted with the lace weight before...maybe some of my knitting readers can tell us what types of projects you can do with that amount of yardage. That's half a mile of yarn!

On another note, we went mushroom hunting yesterday. I think I would have been better off to have taken the camera and gotten some pictures of the "spring things" in the timber than to have tried to find any mushrooms. We found two, sort of. One was mostly just a stem, and the other was pretty much already dried up. It's probably just as well. We're not big mushroom eaters. I was when I was a kid, but ever since eating too many one year and getting sick, I guess I'm allergic to them. Even a small piece can make me queasy. Tramping through the timber should be a daily routine...besides the beautiful scenery, it sure makes for good exercise. I was exhausted when we got back to the pickup. **Must...start...exercising.** Ticks are already out, though, so you have to watch out for them and the new poison ivy leaves. If I go again this year, I'll be sure to take the camera.


Bonny said...

the yarn is gorgous - so pretty and feminine!

I noticed that ticks are out in full force also - one of the yucko things for this time of year. Worth it though when walking through the woods this time of year - scenery can't be beat!

Prairie Daisy Handspun said...

Thank you!

woolies said...

hmmmmmmmm seems I have to go check out your shop!!!

Prairie Daisy Handspun said...

Yes, stop in any time! Thank you! :)

Marie said...

You matched the yarn beautifully to your peach tree blossoms! Will you be dyeing more lace yarn in the future?

Prairie Daisy Handspun said...

Thank you! I have one more lace weight skein to do for right now. I only ordered a couple to see how they would go over. If they sell, I'll probably order some more.


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