Monday, September 3, 2007

The Dye Studio

I spent quite a bit of Saturday working on straightening and organizing the basement, which, by the way, is where my dye "studio" is located. Nothing fancy, just a nice little corner of the basement. I invested in a 4-tier shelf the other day to kind of get things a little more organized and give me a little more room to work on the table. Here's the result:

It would be a little more impressive if you'd seen how cluttered it was before. Anyway, I'm anxious to try out the extra space.

Here's another sock yarn I had in the shop. It's called "Autumn Delight."

It sold, but there's another one ready to list, probably tomorrow. It's called "Gems and Jewels." Here it is:

Better go for now and get some actual housework done. :)


Knitted Gems said...

Yep, I spent last Friday organizing as well and making my husband move his pile of empty boxes out of my sewing room/office. It's a painful process, but it does make you more efficient.

Oh, and I love your new Autumn yarn. It's very pretty.

Prairie Daisy Handspun said...

Thank you! Yes, it's amazing how much more space you can get, like in a closet...even if you just take everything out and put it back in, somehow you end up with more room. Hmmm, I should probably carry everything out of the whole house and put it all back. Just think of the possibilities!

Bonny said...

Totally impressed with your space - I need to catch the organizing bug LOL

Prairie Daisy Handspun said...

Thanks! Notice, though, I didn't include photos of the middle part of the basement... :)


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