Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More Sock Yarn

I haven't been doing much spinning lately, but am trying to get a little more sock yarn dyed. I said in the previous post I was going to maybe do some brighter colors for fall. Here's the result. It's called "A Touch of Autumn."

This one already sold, but I may try to do a similar one next. I have a skein of sock yarn soaking now. It may not be hot enough today for solar dyeing. Might just use the crockpot.

The mill that's supposed to process our fleeces has us scheduled to send them in in September, so I'll have to finish getting them ready to go and packaged up to mail before long. I'm anxious to see what the roving will look and feel like.

Well, I did it again. I set the alarm last night to get up and see the lunar eclipse. At the time I saw it, it wasn't really a total eclipse. The upper two-thirds of the moon were in the shadow and did look kind of copper colored like they said it would. The binoculars gave a better view than just my sleepy eyes through glasses.

I'd better get busy...the yarn will be ready before too long.


Bonny said...

I missed the eclipse - saw pictures on the news instead (so much for catching THAT one!) Love the new colors - it's getting to be close to that time of year :)

Prairie Daisy Handspun said...

Thanks! Yes, the summer has flown by. Watching the eclipse on the news may have given you an even better view than binoculars. :)


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