Friday, July 20, 2007

Scene: "The Computer is Fixed"...Take 2

Well, I'm back online. I took the computer to the shop late this morning and they went ahead and worked on it while I was there. The technician said it was an "odd duck" of a problem. He ended up downloading a different browser and a couple of other things (lots of what he was doing was over my head). Anyway, it seems to be working so far. I still have to uninstall and reinstall some software, like the camera and printer software to get those things to work right. I think I should go knit or spin, then I can use something that has no electronic components! :)


Morrgan said...

Hah, I know the feeling. Sometimes you just want to get faaaaar away from computers. ;) My husband's computer decided to stop working this week too. He's a techie type, so he was able to diagnose the problem himself, but it still took days to get it to a stage where everything important could be backed up and he has to buy a new harddrive. Glad to hear yours is (mostly) fixed now!

Prairie Daisy Handspun said...

Thanks! That's nice that your husband is able to work on his. Ours seems to be okay...there were still things (like the camera software) that I had to reinstall, but that wasn't too hard.


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