Saturday, May 5, 2007

The "Indian Paintbrush" yarn is finally spun and off the bobbin! Woo hoo! It seemed like it took a really long time to get this one done. I still need to set the twist and weigh and measure it before listing it in the shop. Here's a picture:

The Indian paintbrush flowers are starting to come out more I noticed yesterday in the field. I need to walk up there and get a picture of them to put in the listing also. I should be walking more anyway. I really like walking for exercise, but I've been working on the shop so much that I've been neglecting it.

I started a forum topic at Etsy a few days ago about what handspun yarn buyers are looking for in handspun yarn. So far it has 72 posts! It has been so interesting reading what everyone has to say! Everyone has been so kind and helpful with advice and suggestions. Some people said they like sport weight or sock yarn, but it seemed like the majority are looking for more chunky weights in handspun. So it looks like I need to work on some more of those next.

Better get off and get busy...housework is calling!

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