Monday, April 30, 2007

Whew! We had a busy weekend! I did get a little spinning is the first ply of the "Indian Paintbrush" yarn on the bobbin:

I'm spinning this one in a little finer weight than some of my other yarns. I had a little under 4 ounces of roving. I'm anxious to see how much yardage there will be with the finer weight. Hopefully, I'll be able to get it listed in the shop sometime this week.

Like I said, I got a little spinning done, but we spent quite a bit of the weekend working cattle. We get them in in the spring and vaccinate the calves before turning them out on their spring pasture. We did ours on Saturday and helped my husband's dad get theirs done yesterday afternoon. They were actually pretty cooperative about going in...sometimes they have their own ideas about when and if they want to go in! Anyway, that "little" job is done and now they're happily munching away on some new grass.

Better get busy and do some laundry and housework. It kind of gets pushed to the side on the weekends, especially this one! Thanks for reading!

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