Friday, April 27, 2007

Ta Da!

I finished the first alpaca sock! I guess I'm not a very fast knitter, it took about a week and a half for one sock! It feels really good on, so different from regular cotton socks. Alpaca is supposed to be really warm, so I may have to store these till winter. I need to hurry up and start on the second, so I don't get distracted and start on something else, leaving an odd sock.

Also, I've started on the new roving. I divided it up into sections of about four ounces each. The first batch I spun up into a little bit of a textured yarn. I'll paint this one after spinning. Another batch I hand dyed's hanging up to dry. It will probably be ready to start on by this afternoon. Here it is:

The inspiration for this one was the Indian Paintbrush flowers that are just starting to bloom in the prairie hayfield. They are usually some of the first prairie flowers to bloom in the spring, with lots more to follow.

Better go for now...thanks for reading!


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