Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Processing Velvet's Fleece

I've been working on Velvet's fleece. I had read somewhere about someone rolling the fleece in a sheet and letting it soak in the washing machine. I decided instead of a sheet, though, to use some netting that was in my stash, thinking maybe the dirt and VM could get out more easily. Here's the fleece laid out on the netting:
Next I rolled it up jelly roll style starting with the long side, then tied the ends and pinned it closed with safety pins.
I filled the washer with hot water, added Dawn dishwashing liquid, and eased the roll into the tub.
It soaked for about half an hour, and then I let the water spin out. (NO agitation.) I repeated this step, this time not letting the water get quite as hot, and then one more fill with plain warm water, almost a half-hour soak, and then one more spin.

Here's my make-shift drying rack. The panel is 16 feet long, so I just kind of laid it up on the porch and over the steps so some air could get under it. It was dry in about two days. (I did take it inside at night.)
I combed several locks with some Indigo Hound combs (the menacing beasts that they are), and here's the result:
I have to get some out now and then just to stroke it. :)

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Jody said...

It looks absolutely gorgeous...beautiful colour!


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