Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Lamb Report

I'm finally getting around to the next lamb report. That makes nine ewes, so lambing is over for this year. First, on the 21st, Rose had twin ram lambs. Here's Rose:
And here are the lambs:
Next, on the 28th I think it was, Hannah had twin lambs, one ewe and one ram. Here's Hannah having a little snack:And here are the lambs:It's kind of hard to see the one in the back, but he's kind of black and white spotted, but also with a spot or two of the dark curly fleece like the ewe in front. Her fleece is really curly all over with kind of white undertones.

We finally got all the ewes with lambs back together out in the lot, so that has made doing the chores a lot easier than when we had to feed and water several of them separately.

The older lambs, well, all of them really, are growing fast. I don't think I've ever seen any animal grow as quickly as lambs.

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