Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Wool, Now in Color!

I finally got around to playing in the dyepot the other day. Here's about four ounces of our Rambouillet top in some bright colors:
This particular batch seemed a little hard to spin...I think in my haste to get it finished I may have gotten a little too vigorous in my rinsing and caused it to felt a tad. I tried spinning up some with just pre-drafting, but it still didn't flow as smoothly as it should. So I ran some through the carder and that seemed to work a lot better. The colors, of course, are blended, giving it kind of a tweedy look, but that's okay. I don't like to fight with it as I spin. The plan is to use it in my adult surprise jacket. I've had to rip out several rows of the baby surprise jacket, after I figured out I'd been doing the Make 1's wrong. I guess that's why they say to do the baby surprise jacket before the adult one. Just think how many stitches several rows of that would be!

1 comment:

Pearlesyarn said...

Lovely colours. I'm interested to see how it looks when it's all spun up.


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