Monday, March 15, 2010

First Lambs of the Season!

On Saturday morning when I went outside, Belle was standing in the lot with a white ram lamb! She probably had him sometime up in the night, because he was already dried off and out running around with her. When we bought Belle, she was really wild, but she's calmed down a LOT since then. She stomped her foot at me when she thought I was too close to the lamb, but I finally got close enough to pick him up and carry him to the shed so they could have a private little place of their own for awhile. I held him where she could see and smell him, and she followed me right into the shed.
She did lots of talking to him after we got in there.Angus has a separate little space of his own in the same shed. He did things the old-fashioned way...waited in the waiting room.
He still hasn't passed out any cigars. Maybe he just hasn't had a chance to get out and buy any. :)
Then Saturday evening when we were doing the chores, I noticed that Scarlett looked like she was thinking about lambing. So after doing some shuffling, we got her over into a little pen in the barn. When I came back to check on her awhile later, she had a little white ewe lamb!
The other girls should be lambing before long too, so hopefully more lamb pictures soon! :)


Lona said...

Beautiful! Glad it's going well...

We have a vet here right now. :-(

Tammy said...

I've been checking a couple times a day but you slipped it in on me anyway! Congrats to a good start. They look like good size babies. When I crossed the merino crosses with Shetlands, the wool was very nice. Had much of the soft handle and length of the shetland, and lots of the tiny crimp and more lanolin like the merino. I esp. love the little ewe lamb. She will be a pretty thing, I think. Now your Suffolks will probably give you some wild looking lambs (spotted) but not sure what the wool will be like on them!
Thanks for letting me know!

Pearlesyarn said...

Ah, so sweet. Congratulations on your new arrivals.


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