Friday, December 4, 2009

Homemade Pop Tarts

Still on my make-it-from-scratch kick, yesterday I decided I would try Suzanne's Homemade Pop Tarts. Here they are in the early stages:Next, they're on the cookie sheet, ready to bake. The recipe called for a greased baking sheet, but I like using parchment paper when I can, so that's what I did. It's really great to keep things from sticking and makes for easy clean-up. (This will be important later in the story.)
I got them all ready and placed them in the oven. The recipe says to bake them for about 8 minutes on the top rack and then transfer them to the bottom rack. When the timer went off, I grabbed my oven mitt and pot holders so I could move the cookie sheet (it's a really big one) to the other rack. I pulled it out...lowered the cookie sheet...and the parchment paper filled with beautiful homemade pop tarts SLID OFF THE COOKIE SHEET!!! Pop tarts, beautiful homemade pop tarts, went down onto the door, down into the crack between the oven and the door, down into the drawer beneath the oven, and onto the floor. The parchment paper came in contact with the heating element and began scorching and nearly smoking. I managed to salvage two pop tarts that stayed on the paper, but the rest went into the scrap pan. What was it I was saying about parchment paper making for easy clean-up?
I had to wait for the oven to cool to clean up. I decided I would NOT be defeated by a piece of parchment paper. There was a little dough left, so I rolled it out some more and had enough for four more smaller pop tarts. I was afraid the crust might be tough after so much handling of the dough, but it wasn't.

And now...the finished product.
Mmmmmmm. Delicious. See where I, ahem, someone broke off a piece and sampled one? :)


Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

oh my goodness!!Sounds like something that would happen to me. Suzanne's pop tarts are next on my list, have you made the pepperoni rolls yet, if not try them. Husband loves them and I made some for a very fussy grandson and he loves them.

Brenda (Prairie Daisy Handspun) said...

I haven't tried those yet. I'll have to look them up!

Tammy said...

Wow..I'm impressed. Even with the disaster the ones that are left look excellent! What do you use for filling?

Brenda (Prairie Daisy Handspun) said...

Thanks! The filling is just a couple spoonfuls of Smuckers strawberry jam.


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