Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our Wool Becomes Yarn

My newest spinning project? Our wool. I finally got around to spinning up a little bit of our Rambouillet combed top that arrived from the mill.
I spun some just as it was. Except for pre-drafting, of course. It wasn't quite as buttery smooth as I thought it might be, but still it was nice. There seemed to be some clumps that were kind of hard to draft, but the yarn came out really lofty and squishy.There were about 80 yards in the first batch. Being impatient, I just spun it up without dyeing it first and then used some big needles and the chunky yarn to knit a little scarf.
I tried putting some of the wool through the drum carder a couple of times for a batt. That seemed to break up the clumps and made for a smoother yarn. It was still nice and lofty, though. The twist was set by washing in lavender baby shampoo and then another rinse with lavender Eucalan. And boy, does it smell nice! :)

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Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

I find that I have to card the wool again in my carder when I get it from the mill depending what I am spinning it for...sometimes wonder if I am too fussy?? Happy Spinning!!


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