Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Neglected Blog

Yes, I've neglected the blog a bit, but I have been busy. We've started on a little "fix-up" project in the basement. Nothing fancy, just planning on painting the walls and putting down some vinyl and carpet. But first there was the job of organization. The basement had become a spot for stashing, stacking, and piling, with a few trails here and there to go from place to place (like back and forth from the freezer). Last week I made enough space along two of the walls to start putting the mold inhibiting paint on over the weekend. I finally ran out of paint, so I'm off to buy more this morning. I had planned on doing that yesterday, but instead found myself spending nearly the whole day trying to get our digital converter boxes hooked up before they turn off the analog signal. Aaargh! It wouldn't have been very complicated, except for the fact that if you want to watch one program while taping another, you need two converter boxes...one for the TV and one for the VCR. And the instructions that come with the boxes don't show you how to hook it up that way. I found some instructions on the FCC website, but I couldn't seem to get it to work even though I thought it was hooked up correctly. After doing some thinking about it, though, I may have figured out how to do it a different way...just need another cable or two. The picture is definitely clearer on digital TV, but it makes using your VCR a lot more complicated. I can hardly even describe what you have to do to tape something using the timer recording feature. And now, not only are there remotes in the living room for the TV, VCR and DVD player, each converter box has it's own remote, too!! Eeeek! I think I'll just go paint.

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Bonny (Bonny Jewelry) said...

I thought the analog thing was postponed until June sometime? Yet another electronic dilemma! Good luck with your project - I'd much rather paint than deal with icky old boxes LOL!


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