Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wet Felting

I really hadn't forgotten that I have a blog. I've just been really busy with something new...wet felting. I've seen examples of wet felting before, and had even tried making a sample, but hadn't really gotten into it that much. After seeing some pieces on Etsy and other places, I thought it looked so interesting that I'd try it again. I've dabbled in several different kinds...some nuno felting onto fabric (lots of work), felted soaps, felting using a resist, and cobweb felting. It's so exciting to watch just plain roving become fabric as you pat and rub and throw. Yes, I said throw. I learned that slamming the felt object down on the counter over and over again helps to shrink and strengthen the fabric. It also helps give it that puckered texture that looks so neat, besides helping you take out your frustrations. Most of what I've learned so far has been from reading things online, but I did order the book Uniquely Felt by Christine White. It's supposed to be a good reference book for several different kinds of felting.

Here are some of my projects so far:

First, there are some felted soaps, and then a mitten done over a foam resist.

Next are some cobweb felted scarflettes. They're actually listed in my Etsy shop.

There's also a miniature purse or coin purse that's waiting for a handle and maybe some needle felted decorations. Isn't it amazing how versatile fiber can be?


Morrgan said...

I've been wanting to try felting out myself, but haven't had a chance yet. Some day, though! I especially like the soaps and the last scarf, very pretty!

Prairie Daisy Handspun said...

Thank you!! :)


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