Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A quick note about the Indian Paintbrush yarn...I listed it in the shop on Wednesday and it sold on Thursday. I was really surprised! In case my customer is reading, a big thank you! I've been working on my shop listings this morning. Everyone else must be doing the same thing, because it's running really slow. After the new postal rates went into effect, I was afraid I would have to raise my shipping. But it turns out I've actually lowered most of my rates by switching to the new 1st Class Mail International instead of using Global Priority Mail. Those rates had really taken a big jump. Hopefully the shipping times won't be too slow. I also changed my U.S. shipping rates. For one item, I think it will be more economical to ship 1st class. I think the shipping time was listed as 3 days, where Priority Mail is listed as 2-3 days. If more than one item is ordered, I'll probably ship Priority Mail anyway, though. The way I understand it, it's cheaper to ship Priority Mail if a package is over 13 ounces. I'd better go for now and keep working on my listings. Thanks for reading!

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